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I'm a Gen Y parent navigating my role to build a thriving future for all generations on this planet. Sewing the seeds now to decarbonize modern life at scale.

2021 was a landmark year: awakening, listening, learning and navigating jargon, trying new things, changing habits, making lasting decisions, sharing renewed values with friends, family and colleagues. It was a blast. Thanks to those that have shared conversations with me.

2022, I’m prioritising my actions into these pillars.

Four pillars of action

Who’s responsible to take climate action?

The word “responsibility” has two different definitions.

There’s the sense of responsibility as guilt. Who is responsible for this crime? Who has to pay the price?

But then there’s responsibility as duty. Who’s going to take responsibility for cleaning up this mess?

[N]obody in this room, for sure, is responsible for causing the climate crisis. But we’re all responsible for now solving it to the best way that we can.


Where do I begin?

  1. Anchor. I always recommend starting with: Climate Venn Diagram 👈  give it a crack!
  2. Deep dive. Then I recommend listening to this conversation with **Saul Griffiths and Ezra Klein.** (Followup reading here 🇺🇸 and here 🇦🇺).
  3. Find others. Speak with others in community. It can be a long confusing journey, partner up!

Deep dive: Watch on screen

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